Professional Partners

We’ll Collaborate with Your Team of Financial Practitioners or Introduce You to Ours

At California Retirement Advisors, we’ve built relationships with various financial practitioners who specialize in their respective fields of expertise. While your Personal Wealth Manager most often takes the lead as your Personal CFO, no single advisor can be all things to all people. Therefore we lean on those professionals who may have special knowledge or skills outside the capacity of what we may have the ability to do on our own and work in a proactive, collaborative approach. In order to collaborate effectively requires your complete financial picture to be organized so you can receive complete and comprehensive advice, rather than partial advice from each advisor. We use MyRetirementOrganizer to provide this foundation.

Upon your approval, we will use your comprehensive financial planning information to help coordinate with your tax advisor, estate plan attorney, Medicare specialist, banker, insurance agent, mortgage broker or any other advisor on your team of financial practitioners. If you don’t have a team, we can help introduce you to ours.

We are not tax advisors or attorneys. But we work closely with a group of attorneys and qualified tax advisors through our resource at California Tax Planners toward help reduce your taxes if you don’t already have one. Ask us to learn more.