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At California Retirement Advisors (CRA), our regular ongoing reviews help ensure your financial plan and retirement journey is still intact and on the right track…yours! This process provides the opportunity to evaluate progress, reevaluate choices and make proactive adjustments along the way. We’ve segmented our reviews to help you address various aspects of the financial planning process throughout the year:


Annual Review Meeting:

Investment Review: In this annual meeting, we review the performance of your overall investment portfolio with you, evaluating the results of each strategy in comparison to the objectives for which they were intended to achieve and adjust if necessary.

Opportunistic Revisions: Reviewing annually provides the opportunity to consider major strategy shifts or minor adjustments based upon the economy, changes in your life and your overall financial needs for the remainder of the year. A structured investment review process can also help avoid making emotion-based decisions from short-term market volatility.

Annual Reviews
What they are and why they are necessary

Tax Organization: This meeting is also a good opportunity to compile and organize your tax documents so your tax advisor has all the appropriate data necessary to help prepare and reduce your taxes.


Mid-Year Review Meeting:

Cash Flow & Tax Review: Our mid-year reviews take place during the months of June to August for our retirement wealth management clients and are all about cash flow. This is a great time of year to revisit your income and expenses, net of taxes. This means a review of your previous year’s tax return proactively for the current year, rather than on a reactive basis. Reviewing your tax return and cash flow mid-year can help provide the opportunity to identify and implement tax savings strategies and reduce reducing your tax liability. This is also a great time to collaborate with your tax advisor about of your financial strategies for his/her input and opinion. Remember, it is not what you make that counts; it’s what you keep!


Year-End Review Meeting:

Estate Planning, Insurance & Beneficiary Form Review: Getting together with your family at year end? This is a great opportunity to reconsider how you would like to update your estate plan and make certain everything is in order. By reviewing your estate planning strategically with your Personal Wealth Manager each year, you can also determine if updates to your designated beneficiary forms are needed or if you need to meet with your estate plan attorney for additional considerations. Additionally, this is a great time to review your life insurance policies and other risk management strategies.

Other Year-End Items: A year-end checklist helps catch any other important items, such as tax loss selling or ensuring you have taken your Required Minimum Distributions to avoid the 50% penalty.

A simple, but organized review process with your Personal Wealth Manager is essential toward helping keep your retirement planning on track, even for those who have already retired.

We utilize leading technology with MyRetirementOrganizer as the foundation for all reviews in a structured and organized manner to help keep you informed and up to date.