My Retirement Organizer

Organize, Consolidate, Update and Track All Your Finances in one Convenient and Secure Location with MyRetirementOrganizer (MRO).

Life in a Box:
Do You Know Where Everything Is And What Everything Is Worth?

How do you organize your finances for retirement? Perhaps you have a financial advisor or handle your financial decisions on your own. But do you have a simple way to consolidate your TOTAL financial big picture? What tool do you use to help provide the foundation necessary for making solid and comprehensive retirement decisions? Does your financial advisor have the tools necessary to make decisions based upon your complete financial outlook? If they don’t, then perhaps they only have partial information. And if they only have partial information, then maybe you are receiving partial advice. Wouldn’t you prefer complete advice?

Now there is a way! With MyRetirementOrganizer, you and your team of financial advisors, retirement planner, CPA, estate planning attorney, investment advisor, insurance agent, and others, can help you make prudent and informed decisions based upon COMPLETE and UP-TO-DATE information.

Even more importantly, with MyRetirementOrganizer, should something happen to you, such as incapacity or death, your spouse, children, or other loved ones would have a pre-organized financial snapshot of your entire estate to continue your legacy as you so desired. Simplify your finances and maintain or regain control of your financial outlook with MyRetirementOrganizer.

The MRO Concierge is a one-time enrollment fee of $300, which will provide for one-on-one personal assistance to help enter all your data and information, and connect and link all your accounts. You will also receive a one-on-one tutorial of the system once all your data has been entered so you get the best use of it going forward. Beginning with the MRO Concierge will enable you to get started using the system right away to begin receiving consolidated updates on a nightly basis.

Your concierge service includes:

  • Collection of all of your financial information to be entered
  • Input of all names, trusts or other entities
  • Input of all real estate, including purchase price, cost basis, title information and copy of the deed
  • Input of all bank accounts, investment account, brokerage account, mutual funds or other annuities
  • Input of all IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k) accounts, 403(b), 457, Thrift Savings Plans or other retirement accounts
  • Input of any other personal assets or collectibles.
  • Input of any mortgages, auto loans, credit cards or other liabilities
  • Input of all income sources, including payroll, social security, pension, rental or other income
  • Input of all expenses either in summary format or detailed breakdown (preferred)
  • Input of any notes payable to you
  • Input of any cash flow or transfer or contribution you are making to any of your accounts
  • Scanning of any relevant financial document and upload to your personal secure, encrypted vault as a backup
  • Confirmation meeting to review all entries
  • One-on-one tutorial of your new personal financial website via MyRetirementOrganizer
  • And much more!

Please note: Your credit card will only receive a one-time charge when you sign up for MRO Concierge as it does not include your monthly access subscription to MyRetirementOrganizer. Rather, your MRO Access Pass will provide access on an ongoing basis.

By enrolling in the monthly access subscription, you will gain access to all the amazing benefits of MyRetirementOrganizer. No contract, no commitment.

Your subscription to the MyRetirementOraganizer Access Pass includes:

  • 24 hour access to your accounts from anywhere you have internet connection
  • Daily aggregation of account balances
  • Budget/expense monitoring
  • Customized retirement planning reports
  • The Digital Vault to store and access your important documents from anywhere
  • And much more!

Your subscription does not include:

  • Input of your data and information on your behalf
  • Connections of your accounts on your behalf (You will have the ability to input these yourself)

If you would like assistance setting up all of your customized information and data into MyRetirementOrganizer so you can begin using it right away, please begin with The MyRetirementOrganizer Concierge service.