How We Serve Them

An Established Process, but Not a Cookie Cutter Solution

Our Process

As we walk you through our CRA Advisory Process, you’ll not only know what is being recommended, but you’ll understand the reasons why as we uncover them together. It is important to note that while we use a process created by our founder, after having worked directly with clients for more than 25 years, we do not have a cookie cutter solution. The very nature of each individual, couple, or family having different life, health, and financial circumstances became the motivating factor in developing a customized solution processes that would help us better determine where you stand today, where you want to be tomorrow and how best to help you get from here to there. Therefore, our agenda is your agenda.

Our Advisory Process

Our Commitment

At California Retirement Advisors (CRA), our clients partner directly with independent financial advisors who have made the ultimate career commitment by owning their own financial planning practices, rather than working as temporary employees of a financial firm with a proprietary agenda of that company. We do not take the responsibility of providing financial guidance lightly, and we go through great lengths, sacrifice and commitment of time and expense, to stay proactive and forward thinking for the benefit of our clients.

While we take an important role in the financial

Financial Planning
Finding the right options for you.

planning and management of our clients’ wealth, we never lose sight that the money is theirs, not ours. We always listen and respect your decisions. You will find no pressure or sales strategies here. Our comprehensive planning process has been designed specifically to understand and serve your needs and wants.

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