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10 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

5 financial mistakes physicians make

05 Financial Mistakes Physicians Make

And How to Help Avoid Them

Physicians have unique needs as investors and face special challenges because of higher liability risks, complex financial situations, heavy student-loan debt, and above-average income.  In short, physicians are not like other investors and may want to consider working with financial professionals who understand the issues they face.

Women & Investing

Women and Investing – A Financial Guidebook for Women

Women investors face many challenges to building wealth and securing their financial futures. We developed this resource as a guidebook for women who are seeking perspectives on how to take control of their financial lives. We hope you find useful information that helps you make the most of your financial well-being today and every day.


2017 Tax Planning

Time to Plan Your Year-End Taxes

The simple word “taxes” can make people squirm as they think about all the details they need to address. But, with some forward-looking planning, managing your taxes doesn’t have to be as difficult as it can seem.

The simple word “taxes” can make people squirm as they think about all the details they need to address. But, with some forward-looking planning, managing your taxes doesn’t have to be as difficult as it can seem.


5 Brexit Takeaways for US

Great Britain shocked the world by voting to exit the European Union (EU) on June 23rd. This ‘Brexit’ is unprecedented, and the anxiety around what happens next is stoking volatility in global financial markets. Here are five guidelines to help U.S. investors chart a course through the uncertainty.


6 Critical Social Security Facts

If you are like most Americans, Social Security may provide a significant portion of your income in retirement. According to Social Security Administration (SSA) statistics, Social Security benefits account for about 36 percent of retirement income for the average American. One of the biggest mistakes today’s retirees can make is to underestimate the importance of Social Security in their retirement strategies. In an era of vanishing pensions and volatile markets, Social Security offers government guaranteed income that isn’t vulnerable to market risk, can’t be outlived, and can provide for your loved ones after your death.

However, Social Security preparation can be complex and the details of your personal situation matter a great deal when incorporating Social Security into your overall financial strategies. We developed this special report to help investors learn more about Social Security benefits and how to maximize their lifetime income from Social Security.


America’s Retirement Crisis

Facing Threats to Retirement Prosperity

America is facing a serious retirement crisis: many Americans are not confident that they will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement, and many retirees face longevity risk, or the danger of outliving their life savings. The 2008―2009 economic downturn drastically changed the financial landscape and caused profound shifts in the way that many Americans view their retirements. Despite being the largest, wealthiest, and most influential generation of Americans, baby boomers are facing one of the most serious retirement challenges in history.

The purpose of this report is to explore a critical issue facing American retirees today and highlight some strategies that might help you avoid outliving your assets.

peace_of_mind_checklistPeace of Mind Checklist

If you’re like most of us, your life has been recorded through a series of important legal documents.

When major life events occur it can be difficult to find critical items. Organizing those items properly is a very wise use of your time. In today’s busy world, our lives are constantly changing. As we transition through life’s experiences –changing jobs, buying a home, planning for retirement or experiencing a death in the family –we come to value the organization of our important documents. Unexpected circumstances can be stressful enough without the added worry of quickly locating the required documents.

We created this Peace of Mind Checklist to be a simple tool for organizing the vital documents of your life. We encourage you to share this checklist with your close family members, as well as your financial professional, attorney, accountant, and your executor. This may be one of the easiest, but most valuable gifts you can give yourself and your family.

dont_panic__4_level_headed_strategies_for_volatile_marketsDON’T PANIC: 4 Level-Headed Strategies for Volatile Markets

When markets swing, it’s natural to worry about your investments and question your commitment to your strategy. As financial professionals, here is what we recommend you do when markets swing…